Character, care and other curiosity about Sphynx

Character of Sphynx

Our life companion is a cat very different from those we are used to, both for its physical appearance but also because of its very special character, which is often overshadowed by diverting the attention for its particular aesthetic nudity.  It’s a very happy cat, with astounding intelligence, he loves the company of members of his human family, other cats and all animals that may be present in a family.

Any type of company for the Canadian sphynx is well accepted. He’s suitable for families with children, for who wants a loving cat, cuddly, he wants to be present in all the activities of the house. “The little Alien” feels family member to all intents and purposes, never surrendering, making you live a unique adventure every day.

How to take care of Sphynx

It’s a very healthy and robust cat, as opposed to what might appear, but his nakedness, it makes him more susceptible to the cold. A suitable place for him, it’s just a place where we, too, could feed good. That’s why, in addition to the character, it’s a cat to live exclusively in an apartment.

This cat is soft to the touch and warm temperate, to maintain its body temperature eats more and more often (due to an accelerated metabolism than other cat breeds), and must be fed with food with high protein content, wet and dry). His body temperature in health is between 38° and 39°.

He will be able to warm up your cold and gloomy days, crouching between your legs and playing a small and adorable radiator.

Sphynx curiosity

The Canadian Sphynx sweats (just like us) and it’s advisable to keep clean his skin with wet wipes or soap with neutral pH. He loves sunbathing but his skin could get burned (especially in specimens of light colour), then it’s good to protect him during the summer with sunscreen with a high protection while he’s dozing in the sun coming in through the windows.

Character, care and other curiosity about Sphynx 2

Particular features of the mantle

Uniqueness and exclusivity respect of any other race, is his warm and soft naked mantle with meager presences imperceptible of hair.

The coat comes in three versions:

  • skin called Rubber – rubber effect, with the feature to show up at the touch of a soft material similar to “slip”
  • skin called Peach – with the softness of a peach
  • skin called Wax – wax effect to the touch presents itself as warm wax
Why turn to expert breeders

Given the particular characteristic of this breed, it’s good that it’s breeded only by experienced breeders, thanks to the knowledge,  they can prevent various genetic problems as the risk of HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and / or any forms of virus (Herpes, Chlamydia, etc..).

It’s therefore advisable to rely on breeders certificated and recognized for the delicate choice of adoption of this “wonderful alien” that will become part of your life. A serious breeder will guide you safely and wisely in this enchanting adventure.

Sphynx’s prerogative

This particular breed can be defined as “hypoallergenic” because the total lack or the small presence of hair, removes a major cause of allergic reaction to all the people sensitive to animal coat.

He develops a very early sexual maturity in both sexes – males and females, the females have also the heats more frequent than other races.

It’s also possible find more information on the page of Wikipedia. The same, in italian version, written personally by us;