F.A.Q. about Sphynx

F.A.Q. about Sphynx and Bambino

Each kitten has his pedigree?

Yes, of course! It’s important for the new owner to know where his kitten comes from.

All the cats of this cattery are vaccinated and tested for various diseases?

Yes, we vaccinate and controll every year all our cats, with a particular attention for HCM, FIV, FELV, HERPES VIRUS and CLAMYDIA (the most dangerous infections/virus for the health of our cats) with the negative results certificated, to ensure high quality and excellent health!

Why the kittens for company leave their home already sterilized?

By performing the sterilization of the kittens, we will avoid unnecessary distress to our “naked”. In particular, females won’t have any gynecological complications, while males won’t have any disturbances and / or hormonal changes. Consequently one of the most unpleasant, marking territory with urine. It should also be considered, the mental and physical happiness that both sexes achieve with this simple and painless practice, now recommended by all veterinarians competent.

What’s the value of a kitten?

It dependes on the individual characteristics of each kitten, and is personally established with the new owner.

Do you make the worldwide shipping?

Yes, we do! Upon request and agreement with the new owner, we can bring the kitten until the arrival in his new family.

When and how the kittens leave their home?

They leave at 3 months, as required by law, vaccinated, without ogni kind of diseases, socialized, dewormed, with international pedigree, microchip and certificate of clinical status of good health.