Love in progress …

At the moment we do not have kittens available. The Betrothed, should give birth to the wonderful “little aliens” within December 2020. The waiting list, still available, will allow you to reserve your future life friend.

Canadian Sphynx kittens will leave the home at the age of three months, as required by law, fully socialized, free from all kinds of diseases, tested, vaccinated, anthelmintics cycles carried out, sterilized; equipped by nationally and internationally recognized pedigreepassport, health card and clinical certificate of state of good health.

The future parents: Father CAGCE Icaro Caesar II Nobilgatti  (a), Mother CACE Chelseya Shere Khan Nobilgatti (b 33 03)

Icaro Caesar II Nobilgatti
Chelseya Nobilgatti