Standard di razza dei gatti Sphynx
Sphynx Nobilgatti

Ears: large, wide at the base and open, slightly rounded at the tip, neither straight nor placed low on the sides of the head, but should form a slight angle.

Eyes: large, very expressive, lemon-shaped. They can have any colour in accordance with the mantle, the blue colour is highly sought after and appreciated in the breed.

Head: slightly longer than wide, the cheekbones are prominent, the stop should be slightly marked, a variable amount of hair must be present on the bridge of the nose.

Neck: of medium length, rounded and muscular. Arched from the shoulders to the base of the skull. Robust, especially in males.

Body:  of medium length, hard and muscular, not delicate. Rounded belly particularly but not obese. Chest well developed. Absolutely devoid of hair. Important note: greater the roughness of the skin, the greater the value of the specimen.

Feet: oval with fingers protruding, long and thin. The fingertips are very thick and give the impression that the cat walks on air bearings. The presence of hairs is accepted.

Legs: long, in proportion to the body. The rear legs slightly longer than front. Front legs wide apart. Medium bone, solid, well developed muscles.

Sphynx Bambino – Legs: Court, not proportionate to the body. The rear ones are slightly more developed than the front ones. Very spread front legs. Compact, compact bone structure; abundantly developed muscles.

Tail: thin, thick at the base is refined towards the end. Length in proportion to body. The “lion’s tail” (with a tuft of hairs more or less extended at the end) is accepted.

Colour: any type of colour accepted, including tabby (striped), the piebald (colour flanked by various sizes of white), tortie (tortoiseshell colour), and the colour point (temperature colours).