Sphyx Nobilgatti Baby

There is also a new breed and variant of the Canadian Sphynx cat: the Sphynx Bambino, born a few years ago, exactly in 2005. This variant originates from the cross between a dachshund cat, a Munchkin breed, and a Canadian Sphynx. Visually, compared to the latter, the standard difference of the Sphynx Bambino consists in the presence of very short, well-placed legs, and large and large ears, as in the “big brothers”. Further characteristics of this valuable breed are: the total absence and / or small presence of hair and the high standards related to the tail, body, strength and shape of the head. For this breed all possible colors are allowed.

The character of the Sphynx Bambino is similar to the Canadian Sphynx, but is distinguished by playful and funny behaviors, classics of puppies. This further peculiarity differentiates it from its older brothers and makes it, in effect, a … Child.